Meet Max - Your new AI Assistant for WhatsApp

We help you get more clients!

Streamline Your Event Bookings and Payments

Payments made easier

Calendara makes it easy to connect you prefered payment providers and star charging for your services.

Online Payments

+ 100 payment methods

No transaction fees

Automatic Notifications

Calendara automatically sends notifications to your clients and request for attendance confirmation.

Custom notifications

Request for confirmation automatically

Email, SMS, Whatsapp

Better Data and Analytics

We give you key data and analytics that can help you get to know your clients better, make better decisions and give a better service.

Secure payments

Most popular payment providers

Single place connection

AI Supercharged

Calendara includes an AI assistant you can connect to your WhatsApp Business in less than 5 minutes

Chat based AI Assitant for WhatsApp

Fast customer response

Human-like experience

Meet Max
Your new Super Power

Max is our State-Of-The-Art AI Assistant. In just 4 easy steps, Max is ready to respond to your clients, book events, send notifications and much more!

Once set up, Max can run on Auto-pilot!

Upload your data

Max can use Menus, Catalgos, Images and Documents to know more about your business

Set your preferences

Personalize how Max interacts with your clients and what he can and can't do

Connect WhatsApp

We help you connect Max with your WhatsApp business in less then 5 minutes

Let Max do the rest

Max is now ready to answer questions in any language and Book Events from WhatsApp